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Question: Doesn’t the name Ellen Gould White add up to 666?

Ellen Gould White

Answer:The answer to this objection is threefold:

1. Foremost, according to Revelation 13:18, the verse that actually mentions “Six hundred threescore and six” or 666, says that the number is the number of a man.

This calculation obviously does not apply to Ellen White because she was a woman.

2. Supposing the name Ellen Gould White actually adds up to 666, would that make Ellen White the biblical antichrist? No, she does not meet any of the other characteristics of the beast power and thus whether her name adds up to 666 is irrelevant.

3. Finally, the name “Ellen Gould White” does not add up to 666. In Latin and Roman numerals there is no character “w” with a value of 10. The letter “w” evolved many centuries later in other languages, but not Roman numerals. The letter w does not occur in Latin and is not part of the ancient Latin alphabet.

Big question mark on letter W

It is a letter which appears from Germanic languages, including Old English. Thus, the name “Ellen Gould White” actually totals 656.

2 thoughts on “ELLEN GOULD WHITE and the 666 SIGN of the BEAST

  1. I don’t like such us discusion but I see that is the truth, this number has been discused a lot. Let’s us wait, time will tell.

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