Short Story of the Day from Nigeria :a set of long life lesson for centenaries to the whole planet.

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One night, a snake was searching for food when it entered a carpenter’s untidy workshop. The floor was cluttered with tools, including a saw. As the snake slithered around the workshop, it accidentally slid over the saw, causing a small cut.

Believing the saw was attacking it, the snake retaliated and bit it fiercely, causing its mouth to bleed. The snake became enraged and continued attacking the saw until it was covered in blood. The snake eventually died from its self-inflicted wounds, as it wrapped itself around the saw and squeezed with all its might.

The moral of this story is that sometimes in our anger, we attack the wrong target, leading to our own self-destruction. It is important to take a moment to assess a situation before acting impulsively. Rushing into action without proper consideration can lead to regrettable outcomes.
Sometimes we react with anger not realizing we are only hurting ourselves. In life, sometimes it’s better to ignore situations, ignore people and their behavior. People say and do things but it’s your decision to react in a positive way.

Soft answers remove anger, Rough words raise rage.

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