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If you’re not going to court her then leave her alone. Value demands exclusivity, and exclusivity should be clearly communicated. “I’m with you, you’re with me and our purpose in being together is marriage.”

•The commitment is a big one, but that’s just the start. Now, you need to lead her. Do you have a vision? Vision tells her where you’re going, and where you both can go together. It speaks to your future together, and gives both of you the opportunity to determine if the path that’s spoken about is worth traveling together.
•Your standards tell her what you will and will not tolerate. This is where you discuss your spiritual foundation, or lack thereof. What are your standards? Have you ever sat down to think about them? They’re important because they tell you what’s tolerable and what’s not; what’s admirable and what’s forbidden; what’s purposeful and what’s wasteful.
•Finally, talk to her about the boundaries within the relationship. Don’t expect for her to set them; sir, take the lead. If you see standards being crossed, then establish righteous boundaries. Seek accountability with older married men to discuss if your boundaries are too relaxed or too strict.
•If the objective is marriage then honoring God, parents and those you lead should be important to you. Honor her because she’s a valuable vessel worthy of it. And honor her even if she doesn’t think she deserves it. Don’t let her brokenness or talk of independence scare you. She hungers for a love so deep that no thing on earth could pull it out. She may run from it at first, but be persistent. Let the difficulty make you a better, GOD-kept man that proves he’s capable of being a sufficient covering.
•Be so bold about your vision, standards and boundaries that she questions you. Then, point her to the One you trust and get wisdom from—GOD. She needs to see that you’re submitted to Him.


  1. We fight for being positive in any situation but to be positive man arised from positive mind which leads u to good choices

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