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Russia's Medvedev predicts war in West

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Dmitry Medvedev (an arch loyalist to Vladimir Putin) and a former Russian president, was given a new job this week. He predicted war between Germany, France, and the United States next year, and a civil war that would lead Elon Musk to become president.

Medvedev was the deputy head of Putin’s advisory security council. He served as president during the four-year period when Putin was prime minister. His fortune seems to have risen in the Kremlin. On Monday, Putin announced that he would be his deputy on a committee overseeing the military sector.

His list of 2023 predictions, published on his Telegram and Twitter accounts, also included a prediction that Britain would join the EU. This would lead to its collapse.

Musk, Tesla boss and now Twitter owner, responded to Medvedev’s suggestion that he would be elected president of the United States by tweeting “Epic thread!” Although he did criticize some of Medvedev’s predictions, he nonetheless responded to the suggestion that a US president would be elected. Musk has been praised by Medvedev in the past for suggesting that Ukraine cede territory in a peace agreement to Russia.

Medvedev, who has reinvented his self as an arch-hawk since Russia’s February 24 invasion of Ukraine, refers to the conflict in apocalyptic and religious terms, calling Ukrainians “cockroaches” in language Kyiv calls openly genocidal. He made a rare overseas visit to China last week, where he met with President Xi Jinping about foreign policy.

Vladimir Pastukhov, a political scientist, said that Medvedev’s new outspoken public persona seemed to have won him favor with his boss. Pastukhov, a London-based political science professor, said: “Medvedev’s Telegram posts had at least one reader and indeed an admirer, Putin.”

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