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About the CEO of URTV

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NGENDAHAYO André Isaac  nicknamed Mwalimu to say the educator, he has been a teacher since 2003 to eternity. He is the father of Kaliza, Kaza and Kalame.

Available at and +33758696097 WhatsApp only.

He is married to Madame Ngendahayo Olive .


He has taught and managed primary schools for 15 years
-He carried out the first successful project in Eastern Rwanda to digitize the teaching and learning process activities of primary schools by BBS (Brain Booster School) and he was awarded an innovation certificate by the Ministry of Education in Nyagatare
-He was a volunteer officer in education in Uganda in the year 2010.
– He is a former digital lab technician from ‘ OLPC with an experience of eight years in Africa, for the promotion of teacher training in computer science.

He lives in the north of France in Europe.

He also founded and managed EWR Ltd which operated URUGWIRO.COM from November 2011 until 2018 Rwanda.

-He graduated from University of Education Kampala CUU 2017 with Ao from Second Class Upper Division in Applied Technology and Economics in Education. -He has an international ( TEFL
first class ) certificate to teach Business English, obtained in UK 2016.

-He studied the Primary Normal section at the TTC Bicumbi, in 2003.

“He is currently leading the NGEISA (NM) mission from 2018 to present, working on URTV in the Great Lakes region of Africa and all over the world… and its implications in helping young people find employment and prove their talents to employers”

He is currently an APM (prevention and mediation agent) in a transport company in France.

As an entrepreneur, he is the CEO of IJWIRYURUGWIRO

To contact the URTV CEO

+33758696097 WhatsApp Only

NGENDAHAYO Kalame Ian Dario 19/19/2022
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